2021 Elections: When to Expect Results


The combination of distancing requirements and a backlog of elections mean arrangements for vote counts and declarations are a little different this year. The usual overnight counts have largely been scrapped, with some results not expected until several days after polling day. 

Here’s when to expect to find out this year’s local winners: 


A result in the Hartlepool by-electionexpected in the early hours of the morning, will be a mood-setter for both the Labour and Conservative parties over the coming days. 

The first council results will also begin to trickle in from early this morning, with the North East authorities in Newcastle and Sunderland likely to be among the first. A steady stream of declarations then continues for the rest of the day. 

The winner of the Doncaster mayoral election will be the first of 13 between today and Sunday, with the Liverpool mayor (not be confused with the City Region mayor) due later in the day. 

Meanwhile, counting begins from around 9am in the Welsh and Scottish national elections and the London Assembly/Mayoral election. Results from Wales and Scotland will start to arrive in the afternoon, with the first set of London constituencies due around the same time. 

The count in the Tees Valley mayoral contest only begins at 2pm but a result is expected this evening, with a possible one-two for the Conservative party in the North East an unwelcome prospect for Keir Starmer. 

The makeup of the Welsh Senedd should be clear by the end of the day, when Mark Drakeford will know if it’s time to start planning for life in a coalition. 


Counting begins in the West Midlands and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough mayoral elections, with results expected for those two, along with the West of England, Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchesterin late afternoon or early evening. 

Results from the London Assembly contests are announced, while the winner of the closer-than-anticipated battle between Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey will be revealed at City Hall this evening. 

The larger English authorities will declare throughout the day and into early evening, with results from cities including Salford and Bristol also arriving by the end of today. 

Nicola Sturgeon should know by the end of the day whether the SNP has achieved the crucial 65-seat majority in the Scottish Parliament to mandate a second independence vote, while Alex Salmond will find out if his bid to return to Holyrood has been successful. 


The final English councils which delayed counts until today will declare results this afternoon. 

The West Yorkshire count also begins this morning, with the identity of the region’s first directly-elected mayor expected by early evening. Labour candidate Tracy Brabin, the favourite ahead of polling day, has pledged to step down as an MP if she wins. 

The majority of results should be in by the end of the day, but any delays or recounts could mean the final tallies across all three nations aren’t confirmed until the beginning of the week. By now, however, the winners and losers will be clear and the parties can begin taking stock of what they need to do over the coming months.